News for 2018

News for 2018

Hello dears,

I'm going to have an exhbition - details to follow shortly.  Please keep an eye out for your email invitation. x

Lots of folks reported not receiving their invites for my last exhibition - I have a 'Z' in my name and emails will often go straight to your junk folder,  so if you haven't heard from us by May 25th,  have a peep in there.

SJ x

A digital catalogue will also be available online during the exhibition.


Paintings, drawings and postcards!

Coming Soon:

Sarah-Jane is busy in the studio putting finishing touches to a collection of new original artworks.  Sure to be weird and wonderful, they will be released in July 2015 and we look forward to giving you more details shortly.

If you have joined Sarah-Jane’s mailing list you will automatically receive information about this event by email.  If you would like to join, please just go to the Home page and leave your details in the space provided.

The little charmer & Imagine prints – now sold out!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contacted us to reserve one of Sarah-Jane’s new prints – They are now all sold out.

Once again, we have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and speed of the response by collectors.  We will reply shortly to all who have emailed us. Thank you again!!

Print collectors BEWARE!

Print collectors BEWARE!

Sadly, the age of technology is enabling a few individuals to exploit artists and collectors by generating poor quality, unauthorized reproduction prints. It has come to our attention that these have appeared in some retail outlets and auction sites such as eBay.
Items of current concern include:

• Images copied from the artists own website/social media sites or the wider internet. These are sometimes photocopies or poor quality digital prints. They have been reproduced without copyright permission.

• Pages torn from official books, calendars or old exhibition catalogues are often mounted professionally to disguise the back of the image. These are described as ‘art prints’ and ‘genuine promotional material’. They are sometimes described as ‘signed by the artist’ though the signature is also printed. The inks and papers used are not of sufficient quality to be described as fine art prints.

• Greetings cards, which are placed in mounts and sold at grossly inflated prices.

Some of these practices are in breach of copyright and are deliberately misleading. It is damaging to both limited edition collector and artist.
If you should be offered such items, take care, or if you would like further information, please contact us and we will be happy to advise.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

We can confirm that an autumn print release is almost upon us – Expect something brand new and a bit gingery around Mid-November.
The new artworks will not be available on the website until after our private mailing list has been contacted. If you are member, please keep an eye out for your information email – and remember to check your junk folders too, as we have had reports of our emails ending up there causing them to be missed altogether.

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Dear biscuit collectors,

You have excelled yourself.  Sarah-Jane’s ‘Sherry Trifle’ sold out in record time (less than 9 hours) so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! to everyone who contacted us so quickly.

If you didn’t manage to secure a copy – we are sorry but don’t worry, fresh biscuits will arrive next year, please stay with us.

New print release for November 2013

Last year, Sarah-Jane created a painting featuring some extremely naughty gingerbread. We were asked by a number of collectors if SJ would publish it – and so she has. The new print is going to be released in Mid November. If you are already registered with Sarah-Jane’s mailing list, keep an eye on your inbox for details and if you think you might like a cheeky biscuit for Christmas, let us know early because they do find homes quite quickly.
We’ll be in touch shortly!

The Jelly is gone!

On July 4th, Sarah-Jane released a brand new sculpture ‘Break the mould’. All copies have been sold. If you would like to know about new artworks, you can join SJ’s mailing list for advance notification, Click here and add your email address at the bottom of the page.

break the mould sold out

November 2012 – Northern Soul

It’s all about the North this November. Breaking with the usual tradition of exhibiting in London, Sarah-Jane returns to her old friend The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle where a collection of new and old artworks (including original paintings and prints) will be on display from
November 16th 2012.

The Biscuit has many artists housed within a spacious contemporary gallery and you are welcome to attend their special 10th birthday preview event on the evening of November 16th between 6pm – 9pm.
Not all of Sarah-Jane’s paintings will be on display in Newcastle but if you would like to see the full collection of original artworks, you can download the complete catalogue on November 16th – there will be a link on the homepage of this website.

The Biscuit Factory
Stoddart Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

Printed works and some original pieces are also now available at:
29 Milton Street
TS12 1DJ
137 High Street
TS15 9AY

NEW RELEASE for Spring/Summer 2012


‘More tea, vicar?’

Sarah-Jane presents her usual sideways look at British society -

Recalling the street party held in honour of HRH’s Silver Jubilee she says:

“I still have my cup with the Queen’s face on it, from 1977”