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Why buy an artwork?

Collecting art can be a very rewarding experience and some collectors have found that their purchases have not only given them much pleasure but have also increased in value over the years. However, unless you are very experienced, it is risky to buy art purely for investment.
Instead, buy a work of art because it moves you to happiness or because it says something about who you are. Buy art because you love it.

Where can I view or buy an artwork?

You can only buy brand new paintings direct from the artist via this website or contact us for more information.

What is a limited edition artwork?

An artist may publish as many or as few copies of a print (or sculpture) as they wish but when the designated number of a limited edition is sold out, it will never be reproduced again in the same format.  Sarah-Jane’s editions are strictly numbered, signed and certificated.

What is an artist's proof?

A proof is the first copy/copies given by the printer to the artist for approval. Artist proofs may differ slightly in size or colour to the main edition.

What is a giclee print?

Giclée derives from a French word meaning ‘to squirt’ and is a digital printing process in which a large printer uses light fast inks to produce a high-quality art print. This can be printed onto either paper or canvas to achieve prints of superior archival quality, light fastness and stability.

What is a lithographic print?

Offset lithography is a printing technique widely used around the world. The “offset” in the name refers to the fact that the ink is transferred to a separate surface before being applied to the paper. This differs from original lithography which requires an artist to etch or draw directly onto the printing plate.

Can you give me a valuation on my artwork?
The fluctuating nature of the art marketplace means we are unable to offer individual valuations on reproduction artworks. It is possible for insurances purposes for us to provide a valuation on the replacement of original artworks.
How can I sell my artwork?
The Sarah-Jane Szikora website does not have the facility to support secondary market sales, particularly for framed/glazed works but we are occasionally able to connect sellers to potential buyers looking for specific artworks. It is also an option to make enquiries with your local auction rooms.
Can i commission an artwork?
Please make an enquiry through our contact page and Sarah-Jane will reply personally with details. There is usually a waiting list for commissioned pieces.
I live overseas, can I buy an artwork?
Yes, please contact us for shipment quotes.
Should I buy a second hand artwork privately?
If you are considering buying privately, it is advisable that you view the artwork in person. Choose collection over delivery since a seller may not be prepared for packing an artwork to the standard required for full protection. Ensure there is a certificate for limited edition reproductions. If the seller doesn’t have these, it doesn’t mean that the piece is not genuine but it could affect the value adversely. Be very aware of unofficial prints advertised on auctions sites that claim to be published by the artist – these are often pages removed from catalogues, books or calendars and either mounted or framed. We are happy to help you avoid these sellers.
I would like to request a donation for my charity
Sarah-Jane supports a small number of charities and so is not always able to support new organisations but please make an enquiry – where possible we will do what we can to help.
How can I find out when a new artwork is released?
By joining Sarah-Jane’s mailing list HERE If you can’t see the answer you are looking for please CONTACT US
Sarah-Jane Szikora