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August 09 madness

22 August 2009


It’s been a while since I checked in. I thought I’d wish you all happy August and give you the latest from the personal side of an artist's life.

At the moment I am homeless.

I had a cunning plan. It involved moving to the seaside, something I've always wanted to do.  Having sold the roof from over our heads, the purchase of our new house fell through. Mr Szikora isn’t very amused and the cats are disgusted.

Temporarily we are on the mercy of our friends and family.   I am mostly staying with my mammy and her elderly partner.  Not wanting to sound ungrateful for their kind hospitality, they are both into their seventies and have very fixed ways of doing things. They like to be environmentally friendly and to save water.  I’m was all for that until I realised the full implications. Take, for example,  the laundry. My old folks have devised a system whereby clothes are thrown into used bathwater and trampled.  The ‘clean’ garments are then hung on the washing line and given a rinse with the hose pipe.  This process, allegedly, cuts down the ironing. I have never visited a laundrette but can feel a new experience looming.

Then there is the wine habit.  These two septugenarians can drink anyone under the table but normally, it’s me.  Each evening, they install themselves in the greenhouse and have conversations that only they can understand, while quaffing their pensions faster than George Best at his best.

I love them dearly but I must find us a new home before I need to join AA or adopt the idea that to shower, using rainwater heated by candles, is a good idea.

Meanwhile, I am engaged in frantic attempts to finish the artwork for my September exhibition – you simply would not believe how much trouble sugar mice can be.

By the way, you are all welcome at the gallery in September (Smartypants). it will be lovely to catch up again. Since my last show I know that some of you have got married and that there are new babies due too, it’s all very exciting!

If you don't know me yet, I will be the one with a sleeping bag in the corner.