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Summer 2021

05 August 2021

I say, it’s turned out nice again!

This summer has been so warm and sunny that my daily meanderings have been even more pleasant than usual. Fortunate to live by the sea, I’m used to having the sands mostly to myself and I was expecting the influx of holiday visitors to be potentially irksome, but not at all, it’s been uplifting to watch the beaches come alive with friend groups and families. Little ones nipping in and out of the waves always fascinate me; just how can it be that anyone whose age is in single digits, seem entirely oblivious to the merciless chill of the North Sea? When only a slip of a lass, I remember larking about in the surf and rivers myself, but something insidious happens to us through the years and eventually prevents this uninhibited joy of placing ourselves in fatal danger.

Mind you, I still like a splodge and recently went in the water for an adrenaline fuelled, ankle-height paddle. Not being quite as Baltic as I expected, I got all cocky, misjudged the waves and consequently had to endure an uncomfortable walk home with salty drawers. What I’d like to do is toughen up for a proper swim; I understand that, in open water, this is both exhilarating and beneficial for good mental health. Due to my half century in years, I am more risk-averse than I was and I can’t pretend that being carried off in the vague direction of Norway doesn’t worry me, but worse than that, there is the prospect of finding a jellyfish clamped to my face. This fear is not unfounded - someone I met on the shoreline once, recounted just such a personal encounter. Surely anyone sane can understand my misgivings?

Trow Rocks, South Shields, (possible location of my demise) ablaze in the evening sun.


Anyway, I wasn’t here to ramble about my rambles, I stopped by to let you know that despite my apparent AWOL status, I will be releasing some new prints soon - this autumn in fact. It has been brought to my attention that some mailing list members are not getting my emails and missing out on prints, so this time I will send out a warning a few weeks beforehand to remind you of dates and for you to test/check your junk files.

And ahead of that, this website is about to undergo surgery. A few nips and tucks are required but it should still mostly function (please don’t try to reply to this article though, as there is a technical issue preventing me from seeing your messages). You can still join my private mailing list or email me anytime through the contact page.

For now, wherever you are, be sure and wring every last drop from summer, none of us knows how many we will have. Picnic with your people, jostle with jellyfish (but not with your face) or just enjoy the waft of warm breezez about your kneezez.



'Family circle' private commission, 2010