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Summer 2015

29 July 2015

Dear Sherbet pips,

I hope you are all tickety boo and having a splendid summer.  As you might expect, it’s bucketing down in the North of England.  While this is disappointing, we are well used to it and have evolved a layer of Gregg’s pastry just beneath our skin to keep us warm.

Guess what?! I did an exhibition in London. It was a small affair but an opportunity to present some new artworks and launch a book full of gingerbread men.  Many of you made it to London for a visit in person, or had a look at my pictures online. I want to say an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who did, and thank you also for the kind feedback.

You’ll think I’m just saying this, but I know I have the best collectors in all the land.  We get on well, don’t we? I like you.  I believe this happy occurrence comes down to a shared empathy and sense of humour, something all too lacking in the wider art world if you ask me - which you haven’t, so I’ll move on for now and present my exhibition cabin crew:

Super Sean, (me) Gorgeous Graham, Classy Carolina, Indispensable Ian and Magic Margi.

There can never be any excuse for a woman of a certain age exposing un-tanned, BARE arms and legs (what was I thinking?) but there was no air conditioning in the gallery and it was like fully clothed sauna, so I was quite glad in the end.
If you visited the preview evening, there are lots of pictures of you too, but rather than present those to the world unannounced on my website, I thought you may prefer to have me email pictures privately. However, I’m happy to introduce Jelly Tot, who visited the gallery and wore a bow tie especially. See? Classy.

There were paintings on walls…

There were some gingerbread men, including this rare and special Albino specimen...

There was a book about gingerbread and some world famous (if it’s good enough for Tom Cruise…) Grasmere gingerbread.

I hope those who visited the gallery enjoyed their samples.

I had all kinds of other things to tell you but I’m off to a wedding in Mexico - such glamour! I leave in 2 days. As yet I have no outfit.  All girls will understand the rising panic of this scenario, so if you’ll excuse me, I’d better shift me hooves and find a suitable frock.