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Print collectors BEWARE!

30 September 2014

Print collectors BEWARE!

Sadly, the age of technology is enabling a few individuals to exploit artists and collectors by generating poor quality, unauthorized reproduction prints. It has come to our attention that these have appeared in some retail outlets and auction sites such as eBay.
Items of current concern include:

• Images copied from the artists own website/social media sites or the wider internet. These are sometimes photocopies or poor quality digital prints. They have been reproduced without copyright permission.

• Pages torn from official books, calendars or old exhibition catalogues are often mounted professionally to disguise the back of the image. These are described as ‘art prints’ and ‘genuine promotional material’. They are sometimes described as ‘signed by the artist’ though the signature is also printed. The inks and papers used are not of sufficient quality to be described as fine art prints.

• Greetings cards, which are placed in mounts and sold at grossly inflated prices.

Some of these practices are in breach of copyright and are deliberately misleading. It is damaging to both limited edition collector and artist.
If you should be offered such items, take care, or if you would like further information, please contact us and we will be happy to advise.