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Autumn 2013

14 November 2013

Hello to you.

We meet again, in this well hidden little place. Welcome.

Just a quick mention, I am releasing a new print this November ‘Sherry Trifle’ featuring the naughty gingerbread.   If you are in my mailing list then you should be seeing these little fellows any time now.

I hope that those who would like a copy are able to order one without difficulty.  As ever, my right hand man Mr Ian Wright will look after any enquiries you might have.

And look!

Here is a picture of a cake (based on my own painting called ‘Makeover’) made by Mrs Janet Edwards for her daughter’s 40th birthday.  Lovely! 

And now it is time to wrap myself in a warm cloak of reluctant cats and through a romantic soft focus filter, twirl around and around, laughing to myself and kicking up the autumn leaves into playful russet explosions.

See you again very soon, when I expect to deliver weather reports and biscuit news.