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May 2011

09 May 2011


How is your May going?

Mine is off to a pleasant start. The sun is out,  the garden is growing,  and to celebrate the bank holiday, I’ve had Pimms while lounging in a deckchair (v. posh). 

Life is nothing if not unpredictable. I recently found myself wearing a cocktail dress to attend a function at the House of Lords (v.important).  The event was in honour of The Alzheimer’s Society and its fundraisers. It was hosted by Lord Julian Fellowes (Writer of Downton Abbey).   I could tell you facts from the occasion, dementia statistics etc, but I suspect that you would prefer to hear that in this most prestigious seat of power, I was served sausages on sticks!

On the subject of dementia, I’ve started visiting a hydrotherapy pool with my mother.  She loves it. This is no small claim for a lady who rarely finds anything to smile about now.   Mother used to be a strong swimmer but hasn't been near a pool for several years. It was startling to watch as she launched herself from the side.  She cannot remember me, or any of her family.  She can't remember how to dress herself or even how to sit on a chair without help.  So I assumed she would need assistance, or at least a float.  It just shows how deep these basic instincts really are that she was able to propel herself through the water.  Personally, I am more than happy to float around, overseeing matters.  A frog-daughter on a lily pad.

In other news.  I am still engaged in a high court battle with London’s Halcyon Gallery (now there's a long story). How incredibly drawn-out the civil legal process is!  I could have completed a university degree, or had three children, so far.  The grimness of the case has taught me to better understand, who to trust and what is important in life. 

May your May be filled with Maypoles and Mayonnaise and James May.

I will return soon and maybe I’ll even say, or do something arty for a change.

love, SJ