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Spring Things

10 March 2011


I hope you are all keeping well and, to everyone who displayed interest or gave a home to my latest 3-d biscuit releases;  thank you! thank you! thank you! They may be the last editions for a little while as I pursue a few other projects. Among these, I will be delivering a talk for the Alzheimer’s Society on the 18th of March in Newcastle.  We are also holding an auction,  lots of artists have made little drawings or paintings onto postcards and there will also be some other larger pieces.  I will also be contributing.  If you are interested to see more details of what we are up to or interested in bidding on a postcard, please click here:

I will be back shortly with a full update (I know you like to hear about the seagulls poo-ing on my car) so until then,  start counting down to the light nights and leave those Easter eggs alone!