Autumnal pursuits 2010

30 October 2010

Hello pumpkins,

Welcome to my autumnal update.

It’s that time of year again, we must  battenburg down the hatches and steel our girdles against the coming season.   It’s dark, cold and it just doesn’t care.   In North Shields, the wool tights are already in service and the annual installation of the electric blanket has taken place. Not a moment too soon either.

The huge trees in the street where I live are shedding tons of leaves on my front path.  The pussycats like to bring most of them indoors,  sometimes with a bonus attachment,  like a slug, or the juicy worm,  as found by him indoors, with his bare feet.

Nothing earth shattering has occurred lately.  I’ve been keeping out of trouble by rumbling along with various arty or Alzheimer’s  related projects.

Now released are the gingerbread Christmas cards and I am thrilled to see that they are flying out. The Alzheimer’s Society benefit every time a pack is sold – so a big  thank you to everyone who has purchased them.

I’m also very excited about the forthcoming sculptures I’ve been working on; ‘Smartypants’ and ‘Rude Food’.  These will be making their grand entrances just as soon as I’ve finished faffing around with final tweaks and colours etc.   It has been a lovely change  working with a different media.  I’m also getting some smashing days out travelling back and forth to the Scottish Borders where we are moulding and casting the pieces.

In a generally quiet news month.  The only thing I think you may need to know about is that the marauding, defecating seagulls who plague my existence,  seem to have thinned right out over the last couple of weeks.  I don’t know where they’ve gone but it’s nice to find the door handle on the car isn’t sticky with bird guano.

Away I go, but I will be back during the run up to Christmas with plenty of humbug and news of those gingerbread sculptures.



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