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Shenanigans from March

13 April 2010

Hello dears,

Here we are in a new season. I hope you are bright eyed and bushy tailed.

April is my favourite time of year. I like the lighter nights. There is something about shivering outside, with a glass of wine, and being too stubborn to admit that it’s just slightly too early for this yet. It is a season so full of hope and promise. 

With a spring in my step I have already been to the garden centre. Pansies were purchased and excitedly potted. I was hoping for the rapid arrival of a vibrant floral display and an abundance of colour in my front garden.  One week later,  I seem to have killed them all.  Sadly I’m not very green fingered but even by my standards, this seems unfortunate.  Some of the pansies are currently in intensive care and I hope for a recovery of at least the green bits.  Not to be put off by this minor setback,  I will continue blundering around in my wellies and I’ve even bought a spade to lean on.  It’s blissful to be outdoors again and I’ve temporarily abandoned the easel and computer.   

I’ve been knee deep in fish manure.  A large and scruffy old pond had to be removed from my home. A skip has been ordered (not for the fish, just everything else).  The masterplan is to transform a large but shabby Victorian yard into a lush, Mediterranean haven, a Roman atrium sort of thing. With the death of the pansies fresh in my mind, I suspect the result might be less exotic. 

In other news, I have been invited to join a team sponsored by the Kings Fund charity to help improve the environment on the dementia wards at a Northern hospital.   As the only non-medical person involved,  I am looking forward to sticking my creative oar in.  For some patients, these wards may be a final home and they deserve to have somewhere sympathetically designed, to receive their care.  I will let you know how it goes.

I shall also be attending the Bishop Auckland Food Festival this Saturday (April 17th, Auckland Castle)  I was kindly invited to show a few paintings in the Chapel at the private home of the Bishop of Durham.  Entry is free and everyone is welcome to visit. If you are a foodie, or you just fancy a trip out, it is a lovely event with lots to see, so  get yourself along! You can find more information about this by following the link below.

back soon,  SJ

food festival info: