November/December 2009

03 December 2009

Hello all,

Another update and another thank you to all the folks who braved a cold November night to come and see me at Whitewall Gallery in Newcastle. It was a lovely evening. Big thanks especially to the team who created my own personal bunting, the magnificent gingerbread castle, hand made cakes, chocolates and gingerbread men in Y-fronts.

It was a first for me to be serenaded. Three fabulous ladies performed their own customised version of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, featuring 12 titles or figures from my old paintings.  I was also presented with twelve pressies - spoilt rotten.  What great gals, thank you Susan, Joan and Charlotte. 

In other news – I can’t believe it - I finally get the keys to my new home on Friday!  It’s an end of camping in other people's spare rooms and my car.  I’m sure the old people will be equally pleased, as they can now go back to their strange habits in peace.  There was no point objecting to the the use of an old, 1000 gallon water drum being customised as pensioner’s hot tub in the greenhouse. Equally useless was complaining about the dinner party where couples had to share plates as there weren’t enough matching ones, and because 'it saves washing up!'.  Best leave them to their ways. 

One thing my mother won't miss is my tortoiseshell cat, Betty-kitten.  BK loves to ‘do’ hair. Her speciality is a good wash and backcomb.  However, a few days ago, I noticed my mother’s shoulder length bob looking extra dishevelled and more 'tufted' than it should.  Why, it was almost like a cat had been ‘removing’ the hair, possibly with her teeth.  There have since been reports that the clippings have been found in little clumps around the house.   I quickly blamed it on vitamin deficiency and will make sure Betty is swiftly moved to her new home. 

I had to record something of the incident:

Tata for now.

I'll be back soon,

Love, SJ

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