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October 2009

19 October 2009

Hello folks, 

SJ here, checking in with the latest news reports, art reviews and other unsolicited information.

The Baltic, Newcastle upon Tyne — Korean artist, Kimsooja’s exhibition includes:  ‘A Needle Woman’. Kimsooja brings together  “a conceptual, logical, and structural investigation of performance through immobility that inverts the notion of the artist as the predominant actor” Basically, this exhibition features the back of the artist's head and shoulders.  Filmed in extremely busy streets in various locations around the world, it shows on 8 gigantic screens.  The artist has an annoyingly straight ponytail and is lucky not to have been aggressively moved along by the throng of pedestrians.

On a different floor ‘Parrworld’ is a handful of excellent photographs by Martin Parr and a couple of Kitch, amusing, Margaret Thatcher teapots. appreciate what you can from this exhibition and then head to the Laing Gallery instead, they always have nice pictures.

Currently at The National Theatre, London, 'The Pitmen Painters'  is a wonderful play by Lee Hall (Billy Elliot).  Set in 1934, it is based on a group of miners from Ashington who form an art appreciation club.   This is the most entertaining evening I’ve had in donkeys.   If you get the chance to see this superb play, GO, you will not be disappointed.

House hunting. 

As you night know, I have been staying with my dear, dear old people while looking for a new house. It isn’t getting any easier.  After the laundry fiasco, I bought them a new eco-washing machine.  It remains mostly unused while the bath is still in service.  Since my last update, an electric fire has been placed in the green house to keep everyone warm.   So now we can sit in candlelight, among the dying tomato plants, looking back towards the house, 60 feet away. I wistfully stare at the living room while the cats stare back at us from the sofa, laughing.

Thankfully, I have found an interesting house and potential new home.  During the viewing, I wandered around happily.  Enough room for a home studio? Tick.  Enough room for my furniture and many pussy cats? Tick. Small garden? Tick.  The owner's catastrophic wallpaper didn't put me off, nor even the two stuffed foxes draped over a door.  In the master bedroom, a real Kangaroo’s head, came close. It's eyes peeping out from behind a red sequined eye mask, seemed to be pleading: 'please get me off the top of this wardrobe'. 
I’ve placed an offer……

In the meantime, it will soon be Halloween and I am planning a night-time visit to Newcastle upon Tyne.  I have purchased a set of plastic fangs (3p from Wilko!) and a rubber bat (£1) to accompany me.   I don’t go out much these days,  so If you don’t hear from me by November 5th, can someone please come looking?