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Summer 2020

29 June 2020

Hello lockdown lovelies,

Are you well? I hope so.

The wheels came off the world, didn't they? it feels like the UK is at least on the hard shoulder now, and waiting for the recovery vehicle.

Having personally escaped with nothing more serious than a bumper scratch, I reflect that my own related frustrations are a mere blip compared with the suffering and losses of others. The virus has certainly caused quite the pile-up, but it has also offered some perspective.

In my last update I did a little whinge about my house purchase falling through but another home is now hopefully a few weeks away. I complained that my easel was inaccessible; not anymore, there’s even a half finished painting on it. For lack of a garden or café, I have done my pondering whilst perched on the doorstep with a pot of tea. This allowed me to enjoy the odd greeting from passing dogs and their humans. And even, occasionally, from a patrolling officer of the law, they can be nice like that.  

If I am honest,  I haven't missed very much at all.  shops, restaurants, cinemas, airports? nope.  Though I do balk at the idea of closed theatres or being herded, single file, no loitering, around art galleries. And it's been very difficult to purchase certain art supplies online - it seems that lockdown has created a nation of artists,  which is wonderful,  but calm down with the canvas bulk buying, it's like toilet rolls all over again!

The pandemic has created a heightened awareness of humanity, morality and mortality. So it should; it’s everyone’s business to try and understand the world around them. My non-key worker role of ‘woman with brush’ is to communicate something of my own findings. I make no claims that what I have to say about anything is revelatory, explanatory or even remotely relevant, but it will download regardless.  I’ve discovered that it’s possible to represent existential crisis in the world using popular biscuits alone.

There have been some unhappy scenes lately. Societal division is running deeper than perhaps most of us thought. People have been congregating in their thousands to protest, fill beaches or attend illicit raves. It could have jeopardized our national lockdown efforts and this has upset many others.  There is still hope that these actions don’t push us back under the wheels of the Covid juggernaut, but stand well back, just in case.
It’s not all bad of course, there are some stars out there; you can't miss them, they shine from the gloom. Follow the light. or maybe you ARE the light; turn up your mainbeam for someone who may need it.

While you dazzle, I'll get busy organising a 'Ginger Lives Matter' campaign, because, some biscuits in the tin remain, stubbornly, more equal than others.

Wishing you a safe onward journey and hope to see you again soon.