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Summer 2018

18 July 2018

Dear chocolate kittens,

To everyone who made a short or a long distance trek to Jam gallery for my recent ‘Urban Zoo’ exhibition, it was wonderful to see you, THANK YOU.  I cannot say it enough.

It was a real pleasure to see familiar faces and to welcome new ones into the fold.

Thanks also to: Guy 'Badger' Callaby, Bev at North Chocolate, Lottie McPhee Cakes, Alison V for the dog-biscuits, Margi-Noise-machine and Ian Wright for everything else.

Rats and greyhounds, butterflies and seagulls are winging their way to new homes. 

My easel

I remain ambivalent about the departure of artworks. We artists know that our creations must find new homes, but it can sometimes be hard to let go.  A painting might have been inspired by significant personal experience or someone we love. 
The canvas and I spend long days alone. It is often a battleground.  Slowly, we make our peace and arrive at the final destination, as one.  Each painting is, for a time, a serious relationship.  We find meaning together.  A musician or writer can pen a poem or a love song, the difference is that he gets to sing it as many times as he likes.  I wave goodbye to a painting knowing that I will never see the original again. If it has touched someone else enough for them to buy and live with it, well, that is compensation enough.

Back to school

I’ve been to visit OFSTED champions, St Matthew’s Primary School in Prudhoe, to talk art and biscuits.

Photo : Kate Buckingham, Hexham Courant

Not spending much time with kiddies, I forget just how entertaining they can be. On setting the task to create themselves as gingerbread people, one little girl did this:

Not quite the gingerbread I was expecting. A Killer bear instead.

During August, I’m also going to cast my eye over Tyneside’s ‘Great North Exhibition’ and I’ll report back with a review of the art and/or noteworthy cakes I may discover along the way. 

Until we meet again, take very good care.



Ps As I get very easily distracted - I’ve decided to close my studio/gallery ‘Jam’ Mon-Fri, but more than happy to make arrangements for mid-week visits by request (still open as usual on Saturdays, special events, exhibitions or whims).